I’m a Sydney-based researcher with a background in neuroscience and interaction design.  As a thinker, I like to analyse different ways to understand the world and examine how people behave.  As a maker, I transcribe my findings by creating things for the betterment of the human experience.  Whether it’s for health care, new media, or any other sector, my key goal is to simply design processes, services and technology that are elegant, intuitive and enjoyable.

This user-centred approach has been a focal element in my academic and professional endeavours.  In industry, I was fortunate to have designed a web content management system (CMS) and SharePoint departmental sites in order to improve the navigation of vital information in both local and regional settings.  These deliverables were made for a start-up unit of Quintiles Pty Limited, a top-tier biopharmaceutical services company and former employer.

The foundation of my mind’s inner working was shaped through my academic pursuits.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in medical science (BMedSc) from the University of Technology, Sydney focusing in neurophysiology and pharmacology.  In addition, I completed a master’s degree in interaction design and electronic arts (MIDEA) with Distinction from the University of Sydney.

If you like to know more about what I do kindly browse the PORTFOLIO and CV sections of my website.


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